Outdated Trends in Mobile Development

Outdated Trends in Mobile Development

What not to do in 2022

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Outdated Trends in Mobile Development

New apps are created at a record-high speed nowadays, but only some of them end up being successful. It’s no surprise that a user-friendly innovative app will likely gain a lot of users and experience an unprecedented growth. That’s why seasoned developers attribute a significant amount of attention to the latest technologies and trends that will help build a high-quality and unique product. While there are numerous new tendencies emerging in mobile development, let’s dive into absolute anti-trends you should know about and avoid in 2022. mobileappantitrends

Accepting credit/debit card payments

More often than not, an app will have a product or service available for sale that the user will be able to purchase online. For quite a long time, people have been making such purchases with the help of their credit or debit cards. However, the grand digitalization of the financial sector brought e-wallets to existence, which means that the prior means of paying online have become somewhat outdated. It’s crucial to have consider PayPal, Amazon Pay and similar e-wallets that are replacing card payments very quickly. A lot of people also prefer to use ApplePay because it’s a quick and easy way to make a purchase — and that’s exactly what your app should be reaching for after all.

Tailoring to 4G internet only

4G was once the top network technology, eventually outperformed by 5G. Building an app that’s not suited for 5G speed is a big mistake because it directly influences the usability of the product itself. While 5G is not available everywhere, its presence is still quite prevalent on a long scale which why it’s so important to account for it when building an app. 5G

Manually typing to input data

Touch-typing is inevitable, at least for the next few years. In order to find something specific in the app, users will input data into a search tab that will lead them towards the desired output. The most up-to-date apps, though, allow voice typing that’s often far more convenient. For example, a user in a position where they absolutely cannot type and would rather opt for using their voice instead of manually typing using the keyboard.

Having fingerprint security

When the touch ID technology disrupted the market, many developers tried to incorporate it in their apps too. Today, however, fingerprint security is still a useful yet not the most advanced option. Not so long ago face ID has become a go-to solution that you should consider if you want your app to be innovative and user-friendly enough to override the competition and gain a lot of loyal users. touchID