Building Products Step by Step
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Building Products Step by Step

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Building Products Step by Step

Sometimes, clients come to us with a vision that in their mind should change the world. Or at the very least part of it. And it's true in many cases, but some people do not realize that what they want does not equal what the majority needs right now. Another important aspect of building a product is choosing the right technologies. This often if not always requires a deeper technical understanding of the current trends and specifications of your project. There are so many technologies and possibilities, and it's quite easy to lose track of what you truly need because of some cool-sounding framework. Our mission is both simple and complicated: we have to dive into every client's mindset and understand what they want in as much detail as possible. It can be quite troublesome sometimes for many reasons: one of them is the client not understanding how we'll work. Let's go through this imaginative journey together, shall we? Let's say that you, dear client, have come to us with your project.

A New Beginning

A New Beginning When you come to us with an idea, we are always ready to turn it into a reality. Like everything in our world, design is the first step to a successful project. But we can't just do it right away! There are lots of steps that we have to do first.

Design Brief

Design Brief The first step in our design process begins with sending you our design brief. We value your precious time, so it won't take you more than 10 minutes, we promise! It will help us to better understand your vision of the product and guide us in the right direction. This brief is just the start of our feedback journey: more on that in the next steps!

Stage 1. Research

Step 1. Discovery

Why it is so important to do research?

You can't do anything without research. We can’t do it either! It helps us to find your strong points and differentiate you from the businesses alike.

What do you research exactly?

We conduct research on your direct competitors and how do they communicate with their audience: what they do right, and what can be done better. We collect all these pieces together to create your brand and make it unique & powerful right away!

Step 2. Idea and Concept

Idea and Concept Research gives us useful data that will help us to understand and create user personas — your average customer, their age, gender, and, most importantly, pain points. Those are essential for understanding what design decisions would be targeting your customers. User Personas must not be just imaginative customers with a subjective look on the business, they must be a true manifestation and reflection of the core of your brand. User Personas will be a part of your brand book, so you can always circle back and align with your original brand.

Step 3. Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning While the assets themselves are the main components of your branding, there are other things that we always include: brand position on the market, do's and don't's of all the assets, and your brand tone. You may think of them as small and not that important, but in reality, they shape your business and make you who you are, helping you to efficiently position yourself and make you stand out amongst others.

Step 4. Finalizing

Finalizing When we are done with the research, it is time to create your brand from scratch! A brand guide includes:

  • Logo Creation - Color Palettes - Fonts We also provide you with additional stationary prototypes, so you can use them inside the company or in your marketing campaigns.

Stage 2. Design

Step 1. User Flows and Customer Journey Maps

User Flows and Customer Journey Maps Before we begin with more graphic things, we need to think through every page of the website. It is essential for the success of any project: designers will set up the overview of all the pages, and optimize the workflow, so they can work on page by page: quickly and efficiently. With these two assets, we will be ready to set on our main journey: wireframes & design itself. Onto the next step!

Step 2. Wireframing

Wireframing We are getting closer and closer to the design, friends! With all that has been done, it's time to get to wireframing. Wireframes are UX-ready design, but with a twist: they are not colored, just grey. There are also two types of wireframes: low and high fidelity, the first being very basic, including only the layout of pages, and the second one going as far as being filled with content if needed.

Step 3. Graphic and UI Design

Graphic and UI Design Now, all of our resources and efforts will be put into designing your project. Sprint after sprint, you will see your product come to life. After each sprint, we'll be holding reviews, on which you'll be able to discuss the job already done, and determine what to focus on next. Remember: your feedback is crucial and essential in this process.

Stage 3. Design Implementation

Design Implementation After some time (that we have agreed upon!) we will be done with the design. You can ask us to implement it as well! We have many technologies at our disposal, but our main stack is React.JS & Python Flask. WordPress is another popular option. For all things mobile, we use React Native, as it allows us to push your app to many platforms at once.

Stage 4. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Quality assurance is a crucial part of every project. QA engineers make sure that everything is going according to plan and working correctly. At all stages of the projects, they will check the prototypes, give feedback and advice on what should be done better We will use both automated and manual QA to make your project even closer to perfection.

Stage 5. Launch

Launch The launch is probably one of the most important steps for both of us. After all of the sprints have been completed and you are satisfied with the results, we’ll do the final push and your website or app will become available to your precious clients. If you need us to help you with uploading your app to Google Play or App Store, don’t worry, we can do that for you as well!

Stage 6. Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support If you need a support team, we are your guys! After everything has been successfully pushed & launched, we can do all the necessary maintenance or edits if you so ask. Be sure to write us if you need any additional assets or pages, we will be glad to design and develop these for you!

Grand Finale

Grand Finale That’s it! It may look like the journey ahead is a long one, but don’t worry, you are in the right hands, as well as your project. Sprint after sprint, you will see your project come to life, just the way you wanted. Please do be patient, and everything will be just fine. Promise!