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UX Writer

4 main responsibilities

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UX Writer

Boosting your customer pool doesn’t only imply expanding your outreach or increasing your marketing efforts. You should have a thorough understanding of the users which makes significantly increases the likelihood of converting them into loyal customers. For this purpose, companies heavily focus on user experience design which offers a human-first way to build a website or an app. With great design comes great content, and that’s where a UX writer steps in to contribute with the high-quality texts. interface

Who is a UX writer?

A UX writer creates the texts that show up throughout the interface of websites, mobile apps, and the list goes on. The key difference between UX writing and copywriting is that the main goal of the former is to provide an intuitive guidance to the user throughout the entire interface. This is why, the job of a UX writer is more than important.

Market and user research

Because UX design if solely focused on the users and actually understanding them, it’s crucial that a UX writer conducts market and user research. You need to understand who your main customers are in the market, as well as what these customers are like and what they prefer/dislike. Without this kind of research, there is hardly a chance that your copy or even design as a whole will succeed. marketanduserresearch

UX writing strategy

Based on the layout and the overall design, you’ll need to come up with a strong UX writing strategy. This goes back to intuitively guiding a user through all the content that’s on the website and leading them towards becoming your loyal customers. The ultimate goal in this part is to understand how your ideal customers might think and move on the page and what kind of decisions they will make.

Brand voice

Each brand has its unique tone of voice, and a UX writer has to follow it to ensure that their texts are aligned with the company’s branding strategy. You can also contribute to enhancing the brand voice and suggesting the use of certain phrases or vocabulary that will advance the company’s marketing efforts. brandvoice

Usability testing of the copy

After you’ve completed writing the text, your job as a UX writer doesn’t end here. It’s important to perform usability testing of the copy to reflect users’ preferences and perspective more accurately. Getting the feedback and acting upon it facilitates further growth. These are the 4 main responsibilities of a UX writer. If you’re looking to become one in 2022, you need to make sure that you understand the key goals in this job and ways to succeed. It’s always a great idea to talk to seasoned professionals in the field who can share their experiences and give more detailed insights into UX writing. The position is heavily dependent on your ability to understand the users and tailoring the texts to their needs and wants. A quality design and catchy text make the website or an app stand out and bring more customers — and that’s exactly what you should be reaching for as a UX writer!