Top 5 Development Trends of 2021

Top 5 Development Trends of 2021

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Top 5 Development Trends of 2021

2021 was a wild year, and with a lot going around the globe, development never stops. With a rising need for an online presence, it seems that all businesses have now gone digital. As an industry leader or a startup owner, you need to stay ahead in your game, so let's dive into the best trends of this year.

#1. Accelerated Landing Pages

Google AMP You know, the best tech is the one you don't even notice. You know these pages that load instantly and you go on with your stuff? Yes, those are the AMP pages. With its introduction by Google in 2015, AMP landing pages have taken their place as one of the most progressive trends throughout all these years. People expect everything to load instantly, and even the slightest delay may drive someone away from your business. Moreover, people usually use their phones to do almost everything now, and time along with convenience is in the first place. AMP is an open-source project that you can contribute to and use. You can visit their website and read more about what they have to offer. The best thing about it, of course, is lightning loading speed that brings a better user experience to the masses.

#2. Progressive Web Apps

Instagram by Facebook One of the biggest trends is PWAs or Progressive Web Apps. As I've said before, people use their phones more than anything else and mobile traffic is growing every day. They offer a more native experience for mobile users akin to regular apps: notifications, offline access, and hardware access. React is your best bet if you want to join the trend. Even more tempting things for you may be the time and cost difference: it takes a lot less time to develop a PWA than regular websites and apps. PWAs use one codebase for all platforms, hence the cut resource needs for development. A lot of internet giants use this piece of tech to deliver a seamless experience to their users: Instagram, Twitter (Lite), Uber, Pinterest, the list goes on and on.

#3. Mobile-First Web Design & Development

Movadex Dribbble Yup, another mobile thing going your way. You may have noticed (duh) that everything is about the pocket experience now, and we are experiencing this trend first-hand. Whenever any project comes in, everybody is concerned more about the mobile version of any web app or website now. Sometimes, they are even given a higher priority than the desktop version. I mean, it's not wrong. At the end of the day, your main concern must be the end-user of your business, and they will inevitably use the mobile version. It will likely be the only version of your web app they'll use at all. If you are a business owner, it's a must to have a mobile-first experience. Sometimes, it's not possible or convenient to use mobile for some web apps, so you may consider other variants from above, or develop a React Native mobile app. Anyway, we can help with all of that, just message us.

#4. Motion UI

Movadex Dribbble Finally, something that is not mobile! Motion UI is a library for creating engaging animations for your projects. It's a fact that people love with their eyes first, so that's a good way to capture end-users' attention. Working with any JS framework, it's possible to implement its features on every website.

#5. Chat Bots

LivePerson Website Chatbots are something that may be quite annoying for most people. But if you specifically looking to find help on some website or marketplace, it suddenly becomes an awesome feature. As an introvert and a person that hates calls, this is my favorite thing in the world. Looking for consultation on a piece of tech? Chatbot. Need some support because Spotify charged you three times? Chatbot. Moreover, there's been a sudden rise in AI-powered Santa's Little Helpers, but I don't think that they are of big use if you are not looking for answers to very basic questions. You will be referred to a human otherwise, but it's still a lot better than calling. There's a lot of services that provide you with this feature, and the best thing about it is that you can connect it to any messenger of your choice and talk to your leads there. Apart from a better customer experience for users, you will get a lot more leads going your way, and that means potential sales!