To Burn Out, or Just Fade Away?
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To Burn Out, or Just Fade Away?

No to both!

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Dan Petrenko
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To Burn Out, or Just Fade Away?

We always try our best when it comes to our jobs. We love our jobs. Don’t we? Well, if we didn’t, chances are we wouldn’t be doing them. However, none of us are safe from simply burning out. There could be literally countless reasons why it can happen. Let’s discuss some of them, and some ways to counter them effectively.

Monotonous tasks

Monotonous tasks Nobody told you it would be that way. But here you are, sitting at your desk and doing one and the same thing over and over again. And it’s hard to blame yourself, because everyone would be bored of doing something many, many times. But there’s a way to fight it. The devil is in the details, I say. You can always find something to make every task better. If we are talking about the creative sphere, like design, you can always add your personal touch to something that you are doing. Even a simple line or a circle in the right place can make a difference, because it was your vision! It means something to you. And it’s great, and it’s a help, really. It doesn’t mean that you should just draw lines and circles on your unconscious patient if you’re a doctor, you know, find something else. Remind yourself why you got into medicine, why you loved helping others in need. For instance, give some candy to your every patient, or think of some catch phrase that you would use every time while saying goodbye to them. Basically, make people smile, and that, in return, maybe that will make you happier again.

Unclear job expectations

Unclear job expectations Sometimes, people ask you to do something that is not your job per se. But still, you do it, because this and because that. And that continues. Basically, you can do two things: stop doing what is not your job or… Start enjoying it. Because sometimes, it makes you a better worker, a better specialist. Think of it this way: you are a human multitool, and you can add everything that you have done to your portfolio. Say, you have decided to quit your job. And suddenly, there are tons of new things you can add to your CV, because you did all the things you did. Moral of the story: there can be something positive about doing a little (or not) extra.

Social isolation

Social isolation Most of us are working from their homes right now, because of the quarantine. Humans, as we all know, are social creatures, beasts designed to hunt in groups. And now, isolated, we may feel really down and lonely. That’s why we all need to get some fresh air here and then. And if you feel that something is really bothering you and really wrong — seek professional help. Depression is a serious illness, and you should not give in to it! Remember, it is always ok to be vulnerable and seek help from the professional. You matter. Be good and kind to yourself.


Rewards Motivation and loving what you do is great, but no one wants to get less than they deserve. If you feel like you put more effort into your work and you are not properly rewarded, you are more likely to burnout quickly. Maybe you should talk to your boss and ask them for a raise or promotion, or start looking for another gig.

Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying A traumatic experience of bullying is always a hard hit on those who are targeted. The feeling of being isolated and on edge all the time can lead to further anxiety disorders and depression. And, of course, you will be doing your work not-so-greatly. I actually think that workplace relationships are one of the most common reasons for burning out, because we depend on our surroundings, and if people who surround us do everything to make us feel worse, well, you get the idea. If you are feeling targeted and threatened, please, tell somebody about it, don’t just tolerate it. If there is nothing that can be done — it is better to change your job, or at least the department you work at. There is nothing more precious than your health, both physical and mental. And now, couple of general things that will help you stay away from burning out: General things


The first thing you need to do is to take relaxation seriously. Turn on Do Not Disturb mode, take a relaxing bath, turn on your favorite music. You need a good rest and a good sleep.

Spend quality time with your loved ones

It is very important to remind yourself why you do what you do — for the great moments with your loved ones.

Treat yourself

You should not forget to treat yourself to something that you wanted. Even if it’s a small thing, you should buy it, because it will make you feel better, and give you a sense that you are working for a reason.

Always be sincere with yourself

Sometimes everything is just not right. It might be that this job is just not for you. If you feel like it, it may be better to take a deep breath, have a good think, and do something about it. It is never good to be on the job that you don’t like, or the job that is just not right for you. We all make mistakes and we all have the right for another chance. I hope that all this information was helpful to you. Remember to be good to yourself, and stay safe! With love, Movadex team