Stop Wasting Your Startup's Money

Stop Wasting Your Startup's Money


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Dan Petrenko
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Stop Wasting Your Startup's Money

When you start your own company, you always have a somewhat tight budget. Yes, there are some cases when you have lots of money, but it doesn't mean that you should be less careful with how you spend it. There are a lot of things to spend money on, but the most cost-eating aspect of any company is marketing. You may be at this point of wondering right now - am I using this money right? Let's see, I have some of the points that may help you get better at spending.

Better Website

Many people get into this trap of doing a "starter" website to make it better sometime after. Not a very good idea, because when you are a startup, all eyes are on you. You will be judged by your website, by its design, and how good or bad was it developed. What I'm trying to say is that if you will follow the technique described above, you won't win anything. You will be paying twice if anything. Right from the start, it's better to make a great-looking and future-proof website that will cater to your needs. All of that while making you look so much more credible in the eyes of investors and potential clients.

Better Branding

There are a lot of things to branding that people don't realize. Let me explain. When you go to a local grocery store chain and grab one of their bags. It has its logo on it. Then you go to another one, and this one doesn't have the logo on the bag. In the first case, you have experienced branding. You are more likely to return to the first store just because of that fact: branding increases credibility. And here's where people lose a lot of money: constant rebrandings. By changing your identity over and over again, you achieve nothing but confuse your users. Try working harder on your marketing to make something that you have now memorable instead.

Better Copy

Good copy gets you to the moon. It's just as important as your website: but you won't get anywhere with just good looks and performance. Good SEO gets you a better ranking on search engines, driving more traffic to your website. That, in return, gets you more leads and sales. It's crucial not to save money on this, because if you do, your overall performance as a company will be bad. Even if the potential customer will find you, chances are they won't understand what you are doing and simply leave.

Better Ad Management

Ads used to be a great way to get some attention, but there have been some drastic changes to the way people perceive those. There are two main types of ads that you see every day: display and native ones. Display ads have been with us for a very long time, basically since the beginning of the internet. Native ads, on the contrary, are pretty new. What is the difference between them? Display ads are your normal banners displayed anywhere on the page. Top, bottom, left and right, they are everywhere. The problem with them is that nobody pays any attention to them. And it has been this way for years. It just doesn't work. Native ads, however, are very clever. They are introduced to you as regular posts on social media. Surely you have seen those game ads on Instagram that look just like a post. Yep, it's a native ad alright!

Better Marketing

Marketing assistants and agencies cost a lot and swear that you will become famous in no time. But there is no guarantee that anything will work, you know? So how do you get better at hiring marketing people? Easy.

  1. Good marketers do not promise great results. They don't promise anything. There is always a chance that even the best solution won't bring desired outcomes. 2. Good marketers have a great portfolio with proven results. Always check their references, look at numbers and ask questions, don't just agree blindly.


Hopefully, these tips will get you on a right track right off the start. Getting a new business is hard work, so be sure to use all advice you can and manage your resources smartly.