Movadex Team in War

Movadex Team in War

How We Work & Help Ukraine

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Movadex Team in War

On February 24th, our life has changed forever. It was split in two: there’s only before and after. Loud explosions and sirens have become something that we have completely gotten used to. Even though the times are hard, these 12 days have taught us to be strong. We MUST be strong. We MUST face the aggressor and make it get the hell out of Ukraine.

How We Work

All of our team is now safe in L’viv. We know that we have to keep all the projects going to ensure that all deadlines are met. We have also moved to a remote working mode to have a chance to be with our families in these tough times. Dear Clients, we strive to continue our work together to ensure that all the projects continue. Our team is safe and we try to work as usual. We thank you for all the kind words that our team has received since the start of Russian aggression, every word of support is appreciated! We are sorry if there are some slight delays, we are getting more used to the situation and adapting with every new day.

How We Help Ukraine

Every member of our team does everything in their power to help our country and our army. We try to battle the disinformation, donate, volunteer, we do all it takes to make the war end. Human lives are a priority, and it’s a pity that the opposing side does not think this way.

Informational War: Developers and Customer Success Teams

Our Development & Customer Success team is doing everything to help win the informational war. It is almost impossible to break through the veil of disinformation, but we are doing everything that we can to at least stop the flow of the lies Kremlin has unleashed. If you want an easy way to help, here’s a link to a DDoS tool developed by Ukraine’s Cyber Army.

Donations: Designers

Our design team is creating NFTs to support our army. They are doing everything to push them to OpenSea as soon as possible, so stay tuned for the updates! You can review and buy them here. There will be a promotional website available as well, here’s a little snippet of what we’re working on: Save Ukraine Website

Helping Escapees

Some of our team members helped to home people who were forced to leave their homes or lost one. In times like these, all of us have to do everything to help our people.


Using all of our connections to find bulletproof vests, donating and collecting funds to buy military equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

How You Can Help Ukraine

If you want to help, visit this Notion page that has all the info that you might need! We appreciate all the support that Ukraine is getting from our partners all around the world. Every word, every cent, and every Javelin is getting us closer to victory! Слава Україні! 🇺🇦