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Top 5 online courses in 2022

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Learn Web Design

Whether you’ve suddenly decided to change your entire career path or realized you want to acquire more advanced skills in web design, you should consider quality online courses that will help you claim a stable spot in the industry. Education worldwide has shifted towards online means in the recent years, and it’s not surprising that jobs revolving around creating websites and apps can be learned via your laptop/mobile phone.

1. WebFlow University: Ultimate Web Design Course

Offered for free by WebFlow University, this course includes 5+ hrs of interactive video lessons and provides a solid introduction into web design. The topics covered include web structure, basics of HTML & CSS, style, layouts, CMS, and SEO. No certificate is offered, however, it is a great crash course that provides the necessary foundation in web design. WebFlow University

2. freeCodeCamp: Introduction to Responsive Web Design

The 4-hour intro course to response design can be accessed via YouTube. You will learn how to create a single 3-page response site, in addition to HTML5 and CSS. While a certificate is not available, the course offers a straightforward and easy-to-access way to understand the process of creating a responsive design with HTML and CSS. freeCodeCamp

3. OpenClassrooms Course: Build Your First Web Pages with HTML and CSS

The free course, similar to freeCodeCamp, gives a fundamental introduction into HTML5 and CSS. It is an excellent option for those who don’t have prior experience with web development and design. In 10 hours, you will learn about CSS styling, HTML structure, image optimization, and many more topics. If you get a membership ($20/month), you will also be able to get a certificate. OepnClassrooms

4. Udemy Course: Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML and CSS

The most popular premium online learning platform, Udemy provides an excellent beginner course for those interested in HMTL & CSS. You will also get to learn JavaScript frameworks, Flexbox, bootstrap, and forms. Priced at $16.99, the course includes 11 hours of videos for you to watch. Udemy

5. Frontend Masters: CSS Grids/Flexbox Course

At $39/month, you can acquire fundamental skillset of an HTML wireframe designer and a creator of functional prototypes and templates. During 5+ hours of video lessons, you will learn from a top-notch professional design instructor who will explain how the responsive design works nowadays. Frontend Masters