How IT Teams Build Resilience
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How IT Teams Build Resilience

6 strategies to start using right now

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How IT Teams Build Resilience

Nothing contributes to the team’s success more than resilience — the ability to pull through even when times are rough for the business or when there’s just too much going on. Resilience, however, doesn’t simply stem from convincing someone to not give up. It is gradually build and enhanced with the help of a few strategies that team members execute collectively. resilience


Thinking outside of the box makes a big difference. It makes it possible to focus on resourcefulness especially when it’s most needed. This way, teams derive the most unique, innovative, and effective approaches to completing a task or solving a problem.


Communication is a key element of productive teamwork. The ability to speak openly to co-workers allows them to focus on what’s really important and the best way to achieve it. It’s also crucial that team members get to express their honest thoughts which ultimately results in a better feedback and helps ensure better performance.


empathy A group of people can only achieve anything if they all work together and share the entire experience. Going through successes and failures together and being there for each other builds the resilience to stay put no matter what and keeping moving forward.

An outside perspective

Asking someone on the outside for their point of view often happens to be a fairly objective contribution. It can give a hint about where further improvements or fixes are needed the most and how to use resources efficiently.


While being confident at work and excited to take on fascinating projects is necessary, it’s also important to stay humble enough to ask for or receive help when needed. This saves both time resources and solidifies the team effort.

A shared mission

sharedmission Team has no direction if it doesn’t have a shared mission. It serves as a guiding star and reminder to stay on track and keep moving towards turning that mission into reality.