How Do You Know You're Not in the Startup Stage Anymore

How Do You Know You're Not in the Startup Stage Anymore

Signs That You've Grown

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How Do You Know You're Not in the Startup Stage Anymore

Defining startups is something that probably can't be done. At the very late, it's a very hard task to accomplish. Even though it may be hard, there are still some signs that you've gotten to the next step and are not in a startup stage anymore.

You Have More Than 30 Employees

Startups are often, if not always, are driven by less than 10 or maybe even 5 people. Sometimes there can be only two or one when you're just starting. When you've hired more than 30 people, it may be the case that you have secured your place amongst settled companies.

You Pay Them Well

Another clear sign of exiting the startup stage is securing good compensation levels for your employees. It may be hard or not even possible to do so in your early stages of a startup when you are clearly struggling to even set everything up.

You Have Secured Enough Capital

Running from investor to investor is an inevitable step for every startup and there is no way to avoid it. Chances are you have started with your own money and bet it all on your idea, and started to seek investment opportunities for your company. When you have stopped pouring all of your own capital into your startup, it may be the case that you have grown into a full-fledged company.

You Are Acquiring Other Businesses

One of the most obvious signs of quitting the startup stage is acquiring other's businesses. There's no way you will buy off and merge with others when you're trying to keep up with the market yourself, and probably is on the verge of losing it all.

Your Brand Speaks For Itself

Branding is something that will stick with you for a long time if done right. Moreover, it can be something that defines your company in the eyes of your potential clients. There are many startups and many ideas, and it is incredibly hard to become widely known and popular. Without good branding — it's impossible. You have to make people remember and recognize you, and if you've managed to secure that — you're clearly more than just a startup.


The journey may be long and hard, but I know that you will prevail and make everything work! Startups are hard work and there's no doubt around that, but I hope that I've cleared some of your concerns.