Hello friends!

Hello friends!

2020 — wow, that was quite a ride.

Dan Petrenko's portrait
Dan Petrenko
Head of Customer Success
Hello friends!

Reflecting on this year, we wanted to first and foremost, say thank you. We had time to rewind, rethink, rework our realities and head into the unknown new normal. It was the time when we started to really appreciate our colleagues and teammates. A cozy and stress-free zoom office kept us going through quarantine. When quarantine was lifted in Ukraine, we rushed into Q3 with immense motivation. Here is our 2020 in numbers:

  • 15% team growth rate - 40+ global projects - 3 signature Movadex startups - 5 international awards - Yahoo 2020 Review - 400% growth rate - 4 Movadex Webinars - 20+ new partners 2020 brought many challenges, but taught us to stay together and appreciate every moment and opportunity. We launched a trainee programme, hiring 10+ people, who are now full-fledged members of our team. Some of us also work full-time from a distance, and they never miss a thing, because we work so closely together. So it was a year of great opportunities, exciting projects and almost endless fun working hours. Even though the weather outside may be frightful, we hope that fires in your hearts are very delightful! ❤️ 2021, don't let us down! With heartfelt thanks and most urging goodbyes to 2020, Movadex