Glass Effects

Glass Effects

or What Really Is Glassmorphism?

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Dan Petrenko
Head of Customer Success
Glass Effects

Glass Effects are certainly one of the biggest UI trends of 2020. It even comes with a cool name — Glassmorphism. Let’s dive right into it. Glassmorphism is pretty easy to spot and replicate: its main characteristics are the frosted glass effect, vivid colors on the background, and multiple layers. You get bonus points for every time you make your glass layer isometric. It started in Windows Vista, and got its way into the masses in iOS 7. Now, it is used in basically in every OS in the solar system, being an integral part of Microsoft's Fluent Design. And, it has conquered UI Design at Movadex and beyond. Here is a secret signature recipe from our designers:

  1. Create a shape. 2. Choose a color. 3. Add the Background Blur effect to it. 4. Make the object transparent. 5. Add a 1px border and make it transparent to create a glass edge effect. 6. Get creative, play around with numbers, make it isometric. Thank you for being with us! Movadex