Clutch Announces Leader Awards: Movadex Top Creative & Design Company

Clutch Announces Leader Awards: Movadex Top Creative & Design Company

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Salome Mikadze
COO at Movadex
Clutch Announces Leader Awards: Movadex Top Creative & Design Company

At Movadex, we believe that open communication is the key to a great project. This is also necessary for excellent partner relationships between our team and our clients. This past year, we have worked with amazing companies providing creative design for them to elevate their brands. Clutch, the verified reviews platform, recently published their list of top B2B companies in Switzerland, and we wholeheartedly would like to announce we have been named a leader for our design efforts this year. Movadex would not have been able to receive this award if it wasn’t for our clients input about our partnership with them. It feels rewarding to finish a project, but it’s even more rewarding when you know the client is happy with the results.

“We are grateful to Сlutch for choosing us as a Leader Agency. This award means a lot for our company. We will continue to develop high-quality products for our clients and strive to uphold our quality standards in the future.” – Nor Kagramanian, Founder, Movadex Clutch leverages in-depth market research to build their lists of top companies in various industries and geographies. Movadex, for example, was named a top UX agency in Switzerland. Our case study-like client reviews contributed greatly to this ranking. In addition to Clutch, you can check out the work that leaders put forth on Visual Objects, a Clutch site that showcases our visual work. You can also learn more about us on our Manifest profile. The Manifest is another Clutch resource that offers blog-style business information specifically tailored for B2B industries. We’re excited for another year of work that pushes the limits of creative design. We also look forward to finding ways to make our client’s shine brighter. If you have an upcoming project you want our help with. We provide free estimates, project briefs, and consultations to show you that we mean business. Top App Development Companies