Client's Role in Project Management
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Client's Role in Project Management

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Client's Role in Project Management

As a client, you play a critical role in your project. From the very start to the finish, the responsibility for the end product is shared between you and the team you're working with.

Let's face it, there are different people and projects. You never know how some things will play out. With a lot of experience on the side of design & development, we can be sure that the project goes smoothly from our side, but here's the problem: clients can suddenly disappear. Apart from telling you what we do in this case, I also wanted to make a point on why you, our client, are essential to every little step in the project.

I Disappear

Ain't no mercy there for me? There is! While it's highly unfortunate that you might suddenly go unresponsive during our project, we understand that things happen. Please, do not regard this as a hint that you can do this just because you want to or that we or any other team can do everything on their own. We can't. No one can.


You can give us the most detailed and comprehensive requirements for your website. We may know everything you want to design and develop, but it's not enough! While everything that you want may seem clear and finished to you, things tend to change. And very rapidly. Imagine that you suddenly came up with an idea and want it implemented in the process. No problem, that we can do even if it's new, just ask! But if you never took part in the process, gave too little or no feedback, adding something in the end or after we've finished everything will be harder, take more time, and unnecessary spendings. If you don't respond at all, we can't be sure that we are building the product that you have in your mind, because there's no way to guarantee that you change it throughout the way. Notice: if you do respond, even rarely, we will still go on with the process. But what if you do not?


As I said, we completely understand that something may happen and you can go unresponsive. While it may seem strange to some of you, we'll stop working on the project if you do not respond for too long and put things on pause. We won't charge you for the paused project, but please make sure that you let us know that you need a break if you can.

Please take into consideration that the deadlines will shift if the project is paused.

Waiting Room

If things do come to a stop, we will put your project in a waiting room. Nothing's gonna happen to it and we will resume as soon as you respond. We do that to ensure that everything is to your liking. Your feedback is crucial to the success of the project, as there can be many possible things that you want to change in the process: and it is way easier and quicker to do so than after we're finished. It's actually for your good because even if the deadlines shift, you'll still get the product you imagined it to be.

If you want us to continue without you, we absolutely can. But be aware that we can't be responsible if something is done the way we wanted.


Please, stick around and communicate with us. If you can't, give us notice! In case something unforeseen happens, we will pause the project and wait at no charge, but we'll be able to finish with you only.