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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, "KLT Health Group" has taken on an important role in distribution of protective equipment. As a result, we were tasked with creating a website for the company that specifically focuses on the logistics and distribution of medical supplies worldwide.

The website serves as a hub for information and resources related to the company's efforts in supplying protective gear to those in need around the globe. It also provides a platform for customers to place orders and track their shipments.


Our client faced the challenge of needing to create a new website that could accurately represent their company's mission and efforts in the fight against the pandemic.

Their old website was outdated and not optimized for e-commerce, so they needed a solution that would be user-friendly and informative while also meeting the needs of their business.

The goal was to develop a website that would effectively convey the company's message and values while also providing an easy and convenient way for customers to purchase their products.

To achieve this, we worked closely with the client to understand their needs and goals, and used our expertise in web design and development to create a website that met all of their requirements.


A Business Website, with a Touch of a Human Face

  1. When we first began working on this project, we started with the crucial step of branding. This involved designing a logo that would accurately represent the company and its values.. ..
  2. Once we had a strong foundation in place, we moved on to creating a landing page that would capture the attention of visitors and give them a clear idea of what the company does. We wanted the page to be visually appealing and engaging, so we carefully selected a combination of colors and shapes that would create a cohesive and professional look.
  3. From there, we used these elements to build out the rest of the business website, adding in personal touches and elements that would give it a human face and make it feel approachable and welcoming.


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