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Giving the Leading Online Marketplace a Fresh Look and Feel



Jumia, the number one online marketplace for purchase and sale in Morocco, entrusted us with the task of transforming their platform. Our objective was to create a new look and feel for Jumia that would resonate with every user while maintaining its familiar essence.

With an extensive range of products from top brands, Jumia wanted to ensure a seamless online shopping experience that showcased exceptional quality at the best prices. Collaborating closely with the Jumia team, we set out to design a platform that would delight users and elevate their shopping journey.


One of the key challenges we faced was to give Jumia a refreshed visual identity while retaining its recognition among existing users. We conducted thorough research and analysis to strike the perfect balance between familiarity and innovation. Our team meticulously crafted a modern and visually appealing design that aligned with Jumia's brand values. By implementing new design elements and layouts, we created an updated platform that resonates with a broad audience.

To provide a personalized experience, we focused on enhancing category layouts to cater to the diverse preferences of Jumia's customers. Through extensive user testing and feedback, we refined the navigation and user interface, making it seamless and intuitive.


A Modernized Jumia Experience

In our approach to revamp Jumia, we leveraged our expertise to create a modernized and customized experience for every user. We meticulously redesigned the platform, incorporating new visual elements that bring freshness while preserving Jumia's familiarity. By reimagining the user interface and optimizing the overall design, we crafted an intuitive and engaging shopping experience.

Our solution involved creating customized category layouts that catered to the unique preferences of Jumia's customers. This approach allowed us to curate a seamless and tailored journey, enabling users to easily find the products they desire. Through careful consideration of user feedback and iterative design, we ensured the new Jumia experience would exceed expectations.


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Modernity Meets Familiarity

With our redesign, Jumia experienced a significant transformation that elevated the overall user experience. The modernized look and feel resonated with both existing and new customers, captivating them from the moment they arrived on the platform. The customized category layouts offered a more personalized shopping journey, ensuring that users could effortlessly navigate and discover the products that mattered most to them.

By enhancing the visual identity and optimizing the user interface, Jumia now stands out as a trusted and dynamic online marketplace. Customers can explore an extensive selection of products, knowing that Jumia's commitment to exceptional quality and controlled standards remains unwavering.

Experience the new Jumia, where modernity meets familiarity. Discover a world-class online shopping destination that offers a personalized and visually captivating experience. Explore the vast selection of products tailored to your needs and indulge in the joy of finding exceptional deals on Jumia, Morocco's leading online marketplace.

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