Success Predictors

Success Predictors

An ultimate hiring strategy in 2022

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Success Predictors

Since April 2020, the total employment has increased by 22 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of jobs is growing everyday, which means that the talent pool is expanding as well. With the advancement of the employment statistics, the hiring process has become more complicated with the goal to ensure that the most qualified candidates get the job. However, recruiters often struggle to decipher what exactly predicts success of the candidates, even though understanding this plays an important role in the overall strategy. The need to change the hiring strategy is ever-present all over the world. Companies care for the success of their employees because it ultimately contributes to the excellent performance of the companies themselves. While evaluating candidates in detail is an integral part of the application process, hiring managers should make sure that they pay attention to the three major predictors of success.


It’s not surprise that companies take into account intelligence of the candidates they plan to hire. Studies have shown that you can more accurately predict an applicant’s performance with an approach that measures IQ. That being said, many consulting companies, for example, ask candidates to submit online tests that evaluate their analytical capabilities. IT companies take IQ into consideration, because it’s fair to say that intelligence plays a huge role in any field or industry. An employee should be able to think of cost- and time-effective ways to generate needed results, whether it be an app development or quality cost analysis, or the catchy patterns for a skirt. Almost all kinds of activities require some analytical thinking which is why it’s important to take it into account when hiring a new candidate. However, analytical capabilities of a person are not the only things that matter during recruitment process. The ability to work with other people and contribute to collaborative processes at a company is an equally important component that ought to be taken into account. intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Diverse personalities and differences in views or ways people go about life create a healthy work environment. However, it’s crucial that co-workers approach each other with respect, achieve a compromise if there are disagreements, and sustain the healthy environment at the company. A recruiter is more likely to accurately predict the success of candidates if their emotional intelligence (EQ) is assessed. Thinking analytically and in a human-centric way produces the needed synergy to reach company goals on time. emotional intelligence

An open network

While it’s important to evaluate the candidate to predict his or her future success, companies undoubtedly have a lot of power in the matter too. It’s a widely accepted fact that an open network encourages employees to meet new people, think in a more innovative and creative way, and achieve new heights faster. Of course, people who work at the company should be open-minded and driven to immerse themselves in the company life and utilize various opportunities for growth. Employers, however, must present the said opportunities and offer ways to use them. open network