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Remote Working

Benefits of Staying at Home

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Dan Petrenko
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Remote Working

Waking up at 6 AM. Catching a bus. Waiting for your stop. Walking to the office. Does it sound good to you? Chances are it doesn't. Many folks wanted to go on remote and work from home for years, and it seems like their prayers have been answered in 2020, but at what cost. Choose what to wish for, I guess! Anyway, there are some thoughts on working remotely that I wanted to share. I have done my share of office work in the past and now I'm 100% remote. There are many advantages that I enjoy but be warned that all of the points are highly personal and might not be for you.

More Sleep

Ah, the most essential part of our lives. Sleep is something an adult person can't get enough of no matter how we try. Getting up really and going to the office doesn't help either. But when you are working from home, you can get more sleep instead of commuting for two hours. We all know the benefits of a good sleeping schedule, and it's one of the most important things for our overall health. If you want to feel better, get more quality sleep!

More Efficiency

It might not be true for everyone, but I'm more efficient at home. Even though there are millions of ways to get distracted, they can't get to me. There's something about the comfort of my own home that makes me calm and focused. Besides, you don't waste any time commuting, so you can dedicate a little extra time to your precious job.

More Money Saved

Commuting is a pain in the neck. It's not comfortable and you spend money on it. Even if it's not that much, all the spendings pile up every day. Another thing you'll save up on is lunch. You won't have to buy anything extra from local cafes or vending machines: you have your fridge and everything that's in it!

More Freedom

I don't like being watched all of the time. Micro control is the thing that breaks my productivity and leaves me with no motivation at all. I love my job and do it because I like it, not because I have to, that's why I don't need any control. Another great part of this is that you're free to do whatever after your 8 hours of work. You don't have to go home and you won't be as tired as you would be from commuting.

More Time For Yourself

You'll be more relaxed in the comfort of your own home and have more time to take care of yourself. Take breaks and enjoy your day, don't let the stress get to you. Besides, if you're too focused on your work all day, you'll get burnt out quicker, and that's a very bad thing.

Bonus: Employer Advantages Blitz

Office Space

It's rather straightforward: you won't need as much space at your office if some people are on remote. Alas, cost-saving.

Staff Turnover

Nobody likes getting up early and work 8 hours just to spend another few hours commuting home. And all of that just to be too exhausted to do anything else. Moreover, since the COVID crisis, more and more people prefer their home to office or any place with too many people at all.


There are too many companies that require you to work from the office. Offering your employees, both present and future, working remote, makes you more competitive.