Product Sells…

Product Sells…

But Who’s Buying?

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Salome Mikadze
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Product Sells…

Sales are everywhere. Maybe you just haven’t paid attention. Everything around you was sold to you by someone else, even if there was no direct interaction. So, how do I become a successful salesperson, you ask? I will help you to go through that process!

Know Your Product

Even before you start searching for clients, you need to actually know what you are about to sell them. You need to look into every nook and cranny of it, and you pretty much must be able to tell everything about it even if some poor soul woke you up at 4 A.M. in the morning. The thing is, people are not fools, you know. They can research things. And if they are suspicious that you are not comfortable with answering a couple of questions apart from your pre-written scripts and whatnots. So be ready, and don’t be afraid to ask your manager if you have trouble.

Believe In Your Product

We got down the basics, and now it is the time for one of the most important things. Believe that your product is actually good. You must love it yourself before others will love it and buy it from you! Just knowing it is not enough, you have to believe that it really can solve your customers’ problems and will bring them a little more comfort.

Know Your Product’s Price

You should not, ever, sell your product for a lower price just because you think people won’t buy it, or they don’t have enough money. It is probably the biggest no-no in sales. There are always people who will think that your prices are fair and will gladly pay you. Do not show your weakness, and don’t make discounts (especially even before you have been asked for one).

Be Honest

Lying isn’t a good thing. And if it comes to selling your product, you are definitely not getting away with it. Do not sugar coat everything that what you are selling does, yeah, it is a good idea to just make it look good, but too good is actually bad, because people get suspicious. Be more down to earth and try to talk to your clients like you would to your friends, just be honest with them. Moreover, trust is something that cannot be easily regained again — if you lose it, you probably lose it for good.

It Takes Time

If you have sent all your proposals and whatnots and are eagerly waiting for an answer right away, boy, are you in for a ride. It takes time for people to come around. It may be days, weeks or even months before they actually answer you. Sales are always a process. People tend to wait for a bargain, for someone who will get them a better deal, so ask you a quick question, wouldn’t you? Absolutely, you would. The lesson is: don’t stress out because you don’t get an answer in an instant, it’s not always you who did something wrong. Be more accepting and carry on.

Always Prepare in Advance Before Meetings

You absolutely must screen your customers before the call. Knowing everything about them that can be known is essential for building that initial trust connection, because they will catch right away that you care for what you do, you care for them, that you are not a sales machine programmed to just say scripted things.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

That is something that I picked up on my own. Clean space around you makes you more focused and relaxed, it’s a fact. I always clean my desk, all the peripherals (including my monitor) in the evening, to start the day off in a clean and neat environment. If you haven’t tried this little trick yet, try it, it should help you a lot!

Do Not Take a No Too Personally

If you get rejected, it’s okay. There are plenty of human beings with money on this earth, so you will get another ten clients, and even more! Rejection is just another path to another successfully closed deal and your internal sales demons’ satisfaction.

No is Not Always a No

Sometimes people are just trying to get themselves a better deal, and yeah, it does not always work (and it shouldn’t, I will tell you why). They may actually come around after a day or two and say the sweet yes to you.

Know the Right Time to Walk Away

Sometimes you see that there is a good chance to make a deal, but it is just worth it. There are tons of people who are willing to pay you money, but they will abuse the hell out of you and your colleagues. If you feel that this is not gonna work or end too well, just apologize and walk away, because you have the right to do so. No money and no effort is worth the amount of stress you will get from a bad client.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Your Colleagues For Help

Having trouble with a client? Just ask for help. Don’t rely just on your own all of the time. Other people’s experiences and interactions with clients may be great help to your case. Describe the situation and ask for the opinion, or advice. Remember, weakness is not in asking for help, but choosing not to.

Relax After Your Shift and Get Some Good Sleep

Staying 24/7 and monitoring all the potential clients is good and all, but your body needs to recharge every once in a while. You won’t be productive and will make mistakes on your shift if you don’t sleep your 8 hours a day. Learn to just shut all the sales thought and seal them away after your shift is over, and relax, you deserved it! Something that actually helps is to take a bath with some essential oils and listen to your favorite tracks. Scroll through your Twitter, play some games, go take a walk or hang out with your friends, don’t just live to work. Hope you are staying safe! With love, Movadex