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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

Marketing, by definition, helps promote and sell products or services through market research and advertising. Social media marketing, partner marketing, and stealth marketing are all popular ways to convert more leads. However, email marketing has been proven to outperform all online marketing strategies, including but not limited to SEO and content creation. It is in fact a highly cost-effective approach to achieving business goals.

What is email marketing?

According to MailChimp, a popular all-in-one platform for managing and talking to your audience, email marketing is a powerful channel that utilizes email to promote products or services. This way, your current customers and leads can stay aware of your special or latest offerings. The tool can be easily automated which contributes to its cost- and time-efficiency. Email Marketing By 2023, there will be 4.3B active email users worldwide, according to the report released by Statista in 2020. It’s therefore not only beneficial but vital for your business to make use of email marketing and 3 tips that guarantee increased conversion rates.

1. Tell a story

Storytelling is undoubtedly the most important element of any successful marketing strategy. When it comes to email marketing, however, telling a story is a must. Even if it’s just a short paragraph, you should maximize its utility by making it appealing to the reader whose mind will be captivated with what you say in those few sentences. Many marketers even start their emails with a short personal story about their former lovers or crazy roommate stories. You don’t have to resort to such methods but employing a similar tactic will likely make your email campaign more effective.

2. Include a powerful CTA

CTA, or call to action, is known to make a big difference when it comes to launching an email marketing campaign. Even though its influence is often overlooked, a strong CTA drives a lot of recipients of the email to purchase a product or service. A solid approach to writing a CTA include starting it with “Be the first to know” or encourage someone to achieve the result they want, for example, “Increase your engagement by listening to your customers.” There are many ways to go about crafting CTAs, but the generic ones are certainly worth avoiding.

3. Write a clear and catchy subject line

A subject line is one of the first things that people see in their inboxes, and therefore, it’s an excellent opportunity to catch the recipient’s attention right away. Marketers frequently mention a special discount or important reminders in their subject lines which statistically leads to higher open rates. Another option is to mention that most eye-opening statistic from an article or research finding you’re emailing your audience about, for example, “We studied the texture of 7,000 different lipsticks and here’s what we’ve uncovered.” It’s once again crucial to chose appropriate wording and make it work in a way that attract more attention to your emails. Emails As always, the list of tips doesn’t stop here. You should consider linking your images in your emails and make them mobile-friendly. It’s important to be as personal as possible because people receive hundreds of emails in their inboxes daily, and yours need to stand out as much as possible.