A Fitness App

A Fitness App

5 features that will make it successful

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A Fitness App

Since the start of COVID-19, more people have immersed themselves in the fitness realm than ever before. With the social distancing rules, apps that allowed working out in the safety of your own homes became an absolute game changer. Not only fitness apps help with the workout itself but they also offer insights into progress and give clarity in terms of further activity. If you are looking to build a fitness app or already have one, you need to consider 5 features that will make it successful in 2022.

Basic features

First and foremost, your app must have basic features for it to function properly. These features include:

  • Sign up / Login
  • User Profile
  • Menu / Dashboard
  • Payment (if needed)
  • Health App integrations (for example, you could make an integration with the Health app).

Advanced features

The list goes on, as there are plenty of advanced features that you could add to make your app a popular choice among users.

Customized workout/nutrition plans

Because fitness apps belong to the lifestyle category, users often want assistance with their nutrition plans, which could include calorie counts, unique recipes, recommendations, and more. Needless to say, there is substantial competition in the field, since many apps out there already provide customized diet plans. It’s still worth trying, and you can do so by offering expert insights, for example, or making this section more user-friendly. In addition to that, you need to offer different kinds of workouts that will uniquely tailor users' needs. Such an approach could help you override the competition.

customized workout and nutrition


With diet and workout plans, it’s crucial to have regular reminders. Otherwise, users might just forget about the app itself. Adding regular updates and notifications can substantially boost the user experience and enable a complete immersion into the established fitness path.

Social sharing

Friends like to stay in touch even if they’re not physically in one place. Therefore, successful apps allow sharing of photos and videos. Think about it: perhaps, user A just achieved their milestone and wants to share the accomplishment with their friends. Or user B embarked on a fitness quest and wants to share the progress. Social sharing makes fitness apps more human and exciting.

Social Sharing

Location-based notifications

This feature allows users to track their walks and runs. A lot of people care about the number of steps they make during the day or, perhaps, the miles they “conquered.” That’s why, you should consider adding geolocation to your fitness app and make location tracking an option that users have at their disposal.


Healthy competition does wonders. Friends enjoy connecting their apps/devices and tracking each other’s progress. It keeps them going and working harder. Of course, users shouldn’t be overwhelmed with endless notifications about having to beat their friends. Instead, you could incorporate gamification and send updates about each other’s progress, goals, and milestones. Competition, when approached properly, makes the process more fun!

Gamification of a Fitness app