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Artsted is a platform the only one of its kind that offers affordable investment-grade artwork with transparent price history and artist career analytics.

Whether you're an art collector looking for the next big thing or simply want to add some beautiful pieces to your home, we have you covered.

Artsted selection includes a wide range of styles and mediums, all of which are carefully curated and hand-selected by team of art experts. Plus, with our transparent pricing and artist analytics, you can easily make informed decisions about your purchases.

So if you want access to some of the best artwork available online at prices check out today and start building your art collection.


One of the biggest challenges we faced during the redesign process was balancing the need for a modern and cutting-edge aesthetic with the timeless and classic soul of art. It was important for us to showcase the exciting new technology of NFTs, but we also wanted to honor the rich history and tradition of art.

Another challenge was creating a user experience that was both intuitive and engaging for a wide range of users, from seasoned art collectors to casual enthusiasts. We had to carefully consider the layout and navigation of the site, as well as the types of content and features we included.

Finally, we also had to ensure that the site was mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines, as more and more users are accessing the internet on their phones and tablets. This required a responsive design and careful attention to SEO best practices.

Overall, it was a complex and challenging process, but we are proud of the final result: a website that seamlessly blends the latest technology with the timeless beauty of art.


New Style Orientation

When we set out to redesign the website, we had a clear goal in mind: to create a new style that was both modern and timeless, with a strong focus on NFT technology and the classic soul of art.

To achieve this, we knew that we needed to create a visually striking design that would draw the eye to the artwork itself, rather than the platform elements. We decided to use high contrast colors and minimalistic design elements to give all of the attention to the art itself. The result is a website that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate, with a strong focus on the artwork that is at the heart of our platform.

We believe that our redesign has been a resounding success, and we are confident that it will be well-received by our users.


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Security and Data Protection Measures

As a software development company, we understand the importance of security and data protection for online platforms, especially when it comes to sensitive information like artwork and personal data. That's why we take a multi-faceted approach to ensuring the security and data protection of Artsted, an art platform.

  1. First and foremost, we use industry-leading security protocols and encryption techniques to protect user data and transactions. This includes secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts data transmitted between users and the platform, as well as robust authentication and access controls to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. In addition to these technical measures, we also have robust policies and procedures in place to protect user data. This includes strict guidelines for data storage, handling, and disposal, as well as regular audits and reviews to ensure compliance.
  3. Finally, we work closely with our client to educate them on best practices for securing their users’ data, including strong password management and avoiding suspicious links or emails.

By implementing these measures, we can provide a secure and reliable platform for art enthusiasts and professionals on Artsted.

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