Will only 30% of popularity survive?

Will only 30% of popularity survive?

Coronavirus insights from Movadex

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Will only 30% of popularity survive?

You must have read a great amount of articles about the situation with a coronavirus(COVID-19). There are two types of information: the first is spreading a panic and the second one is calming people down by saying that it is just a simple flu and we have nothing to worry about. Main problem: there is little information on the internet that can really help people to fight with that terrifying disease while the best weapon in our situation is the awareness and understanding the facts. So, if you want to prevent this illness and its spreading you have to keep up with the news daily. You must think that a digital world is very helpful because you can receive the information instantly. That’s true, however there is another side of the medal. Because of the enormous amount of the facts on the internet you can not really understand which one is true and which is just an invention of an author. That’s why it is extremely important to only trust the reliable sources. Below there are some link to the sites with official information and checked facts: 1. The official site WHO https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019 2. Online courses for doctors https://openwho.org/channels/covid-19 3. Infographic of the Oxford university https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus 4. Interactive map of Johns Hopkins University, where you can see all the statistic data https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html According to scientific researches, the most effective preventions of coronavirus are:

  • wash your hands carefully - use professional disinfectants - avoid crowded places - keep 2-3 meters distance from people - if you have any symptoms of this disease(fever, dry cough, etc.) immediately visit doctor - use a face mask only if you are ill, in other cases it really doesn’t help COVID-19 is characterized as a pandemic, that’s why more and more countries are placed under quarantine. So if you have an opportunity to stay at home, please do it to save yourself and surroundings! Even if you are not in a risk zone, you might be a asymptomatic carrier. Stay healthy!

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