Web Design in 2022

Web Design in 2022

Top trends you need to know about

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Web Design in 2022

People spend 7 hours online on average daily. In those 7 hours, they visit various websites that either capture their attention right away or make them want to leave. A non-responsive website with outdated design is users’ worst nightmare that makes them want to close the page immediately. stats Therefore, seasoned web creators know that a user-centric approach generates excellent performance. In 2022, the goal is to connect with users on an emotional level, by telling stories through design. Exploring a website should be an enjoyable experience, elevated by top 6 web design trends.


There’s no better way to convey a story than through scrollytelling. Visualizing the narrative and creating a logical sequence of elements makes the website captivating and engaging. Users need to be intrigued by conveying the central message of the website through chronological organization. scrollytelling

Brutalist fonts

If there is a limited use of elements on a page, bold fonts make it appear more dominant. Brutalist fonts signify a minimalistic and modern style in web design. brutalist


Clothing trends have recently been centered largely at vintage patterns and designs. Web creators can move in tandem with the fashion world. Grain, retro fonts, vibrant filters and nostalgic textures will make the website stand out. retro


Similar to the retro trend, contrasts are absolutely in vogue right now. Wavy line and pop of color are both popular examples of elements that create a catchy contrast. Neons and gradients also make a webpage a user-friendly and pleasant online space. contrast

Moving text

Given the novel technologies and tools, kinetic typography has recently become a popular choice among web creators. The trend helps emphasize important parts in the text, set a tone for the entire website, and easily catch the viewer’s eye. Animated titles or descriptions definitely create a solid competition for static text. In the web design world, moving text is expected to progress even further and turn into a function. animation


Delights can be narrowed down to two main forms - surface delights that include gestures, animations, sound and deep delights that focus on functionality and usability. The quality websites always use the combination of both. Using features that make user experience exciting and pleasant is not only the hottest trend but also a necessity. delight Of course, the list of the current web design trends doesn't end here. In fact, anyone can become a trendsetter in the field. 2022 is about the most dynamic and unprecedented web design upgrade, and we are here for it!