Summary of the Year

Summary of the Year

Movadex in 2021

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Summary of the Year

It was a year full of surprises. A lot of ups and downs. We stay strong nonetheless, and pursue our creative endeavors every day. With that said, our team has prepared a quick overview of the year: we had a lot of good stuff done! Happy holidays to you all.

Movadex Web Design & Development

#1. We Built an Independent, Strong Design Team

Design is in our hearts. That's why we dedicated a lot of time and resources to creating an independent and strong design team. In a regular company structure, all departments communicate with the client through managers. However, after working this way for some time we found out that this was just not working for the design team. Here are the benefits that we've gained with giving independence to our designers: Creativity Requires More Freedom. With less control from the management, we have seen a significant rise in creative output. Decentralization Made Life Easier for the Managers. Instead of trying to manage every employee, we have given this right to one person — Creative Director. Creative Director is More Than Just a Manager. They do not manage employees the same way other departments do but take their time to develop the relationship with every designer, trying to help them direct their creative flow onto the right path. More Freedom Gives Life to Initiatives. There were a lot of things that our design department wanted to implement internally, but they had to go through many C-levels to do that. How they have all the rights and resources to do that on their own, which is way more faster and efficient. Employee Success, Development, and Satisfaction Rates Gone Up. With all the positive things above, we have noticed that the results are awesome — our design department has shown that decentralized management is a way to go.

#2. Started Building Our Product

It is something that we have planned to do for years, and we have finally got to it. You may have heard or seen about Movadesk on our blog or Dribbble: it’s a feature-packed CRM with the ability to power your whole company without using multiple tools. Movadex Design and Development Agency It’s always a great thing to have your product for several reasons. It allows you to secure a place in the market and future-proof the company’s financial stability. We’ll have to put a lot more time into it before it sees the light of day in its full glory, but we have got the basics done, the backbone has been created and we think it’s gonna be awesome!

#3. Company Growth Rate Up 50%

We are always on the lookout for new employees. There is a lot of things that we are looking for in every potential candidate, but our hiring process is pretty straightforward. We are constantly working on making it easier and stress-free. With all that said, we are proud to say that we have grown 50% since the first month of 2020 and continue to be on the lookout. Give us a holler if you’d like to be part of the Movadex team! Our design and development departments are currently hiring.

#4. More Satisfied Clients Than Ever

We had a lot of projects this year, big and small, and the end of the year is always special for us. It is magical to sit down and count all of the journeys we took along with our partners and appreciate how all of it turned out to be. Our team has completed a total of 30 new projects this year. We have also continued to work with 30+ of our long-term partners, continually delivering outstanding quality and support. We appreciate the trust that you have put in us and will continue to strengthen our relationships through awesome service!

#5. We Celebrated Every Holiday Together

Every holiday, we host a little party at our office and celebrate together. Not only it’s a good teambuilding practice but a cool way to spend some quality time together. Stay healthy and may you celebrate the holidays in peace! Web Design and Development Services Cheers, Movadex Team