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React Native

Why It Is So Good

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React Native

Tesla, SoundCloud, AirBnB, all those beasts used React Native for their mobile applications. There must be a reason for it! That is why it is what we are going to talk about today - is it any good, and should you use it in your projects? Let’s find out!


It Is Cross-platform React Native uses the same code for both Android and iOS, that is the reason number one people choose it. It saves an unbelievable amount of time for your company, and saves money. If there’s even a slightest shortcut, people use it, it is in our nature. And imagine if there’s an enormous road with a free Taco Bell on it, of course you would take it!

#2. It Is Efficient

Developing native apps is not very productive, to say the least. React Native shortens the development cycle, allowing you to focus on other tasks at hand. Moreover, it actually has the same native abilities as Native frameworks.

#3. It Is Easily Reviewable

React Native has the Live Reload feature that others don’t. It allows you to see the edits in code implemented live. You can open the code in one screen and the app in the other, and you will see the changes immediately. It enables the developers to review and improve the app not just looking at lines of code, but actually preview the screens themselves.

#4. It Is Popular

React Native is constantly growing, and chances are it will soon become the most popular framework to be used in cross platform solutions. It offers so much more value for the time, that people just can’t pass on it. More and more world-known apps are being written in React Native, making it even more known among users.

#5. It Is Fast

React Native is one of the fastest frameworks on the market. It focuses mainly on building out the User Interface, and loads much faster than apps built on other solutions.

#6. It Has Single Code Libraries For Android And iOS

The single code base can be used for both operating systems and deployed seamlessly. But wait, there’s more: the framework is completely open-source, so you can add the features that are not currently supported by the library.

#7. It Is Scalable

Say, you have a web application, and you decided to scale it on the other platforms, and here’s where React Native comes in. It allows you to deploy and scale the existing application on the other platforms twice faster, as it’s code is reusable, saving time again.

#8. It Is Comparable To Native Apps

It is vital to emphasize that React’s components are completely comparable with Native ones. That is why applications written in it have the same look and feel, while performing even better. It is better adapted to our mobile phones, making it very competitive in terms of performance in mobile environments.

#9. It Is Our Future

React Native won’t suddenly go off our radards, to say the least. It is widely used across the globe not just by small companies, but by tech giants! It will become only stronger and better over the years, and hopefully, we will see all of its potential unleashed soon. Hope this cleared some of your uncertainties out and you know why there is so much talk about React Native now! Be sure to give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking to scale your app onto the other platforms or develop a new cross platform one - React Native is surely your best bet. With love, Movadex