The Best Tool For Sales, Blogging, and Organizing

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Dan Petrenko
Head of Customer Success

Notion has been a staple in our agency for many reasons. It offers so much stuff, that there isn’t even a direct competitor that can come close. That is why it deserves a thorough review of user cases, and believe me: there are so many, it’s not even possible to tackle each one of them.

Why Notion

Before we get to the user cases, let’s talk about why people consider choosing it at all.

Big Community

When people are on the lookout for something, reviews from their friends are one of the most important factors. Notion’s community is as big as 20 million users all around the world. That surely includes some of your friends that will be the biggest motivation to use it.

Completely Free

Price is the second thing we always check before switching to something new. You don’t have to pay to use Notion, and it might be the biggest advantage over other tools in this area.


Notion has great, simple, straightforward UX & UI. There isn’t a thing that comes to my mind as confusing in any shape or form. Everybody can use it after a few minutes of scrolling and click through all the pages.

Available Anywhere & Anytime

Tired of sitting in front of your computer? You can switch to your phone and scribble your heart away from your trusty mobile friend.

Embed Everything

From a PDF file to a Figma link, you can embed anything into any Notion page. You don’t have to click and wait while your browser or other app opens the file – it’s already open and ready for your review.

Use Cases

If we dig a little bit deeper, there are so many use cases for Notion, that everybody can find something useful in it. From people who are just writing their blogs to agencies like Movadex looking to organize and onboard new members as quickly as possible. We won’t review every use case, because it would take a lot of your screen time, but look at some of our favorites.

What Do We Use Notion For

Movadex Team In General

Movadex Team We have a Team Home page with links to all the departments and other crucial pieces of information for quick access. Any member of the team can collaborate and suggest changes to make their workflow faster and easier. It’s impossible to imagine our work without having a good organization in all of our stuff.

Customer Success Team

Movadex Customer Success Team As a Head of Customer Success, I talk to people. A lot. It’s impossible to keep every detail in my head, and I do not recommend trying to do it: it’s better to jot down a quick note than trying to collect all of the pieces of information from the back of your mind. The best thing about using notion for Sales & Customer Success is how little effort it takes to keep things neat & organized. I am an ambassador of keeping all possible information as close as possible for quick reach & pitch, and here’s how my department’s Notion looks.

Design Team

Movadex UI/UX Design Team Our design team is very busy with reimagining the world bit by bit, and Notion helps them be organized, keeping all of the tasks and important information within a hand’s reach.

Project Management Team

Movadex Project Management Team The Project Management Team needs a lot of updates and quick ones to that. When you come to us with an idea, we assign a personal project manager to keep the progress flow steady. Notion helps our PM team to keep track of every day, week, and month, never losing track of what’s going on. Movadex Project Management Team Project Management’s Notion also includes an individual PM’s progress tracker.

Movadex Blog

Movadex Blog I’m using Notion to write blogs too. It has everything that you may need, and it’s very convenient to copy and paste an edited & proofread text to the admin panel. It saves all of the anchor text, image links, and most importantly – formatting. You can even see the blog that you’re reading right now in the “Writing” section!


Yup, it’s good. As you can see, there are so many scenarios, and those were just some of our favorites. Besides business use cases, Notion has a lot to bring to the table in your personal life. Writing a book? Trying to keep up with your taxes? Collaborate on your groceries list with your partner? It’s got you covered, so try it out!