Movadex Principles
Work Ethics

Movadex Principles

Our View on Work Ethics

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Movadex Principles

Just like every family (especially growing one), we had to establish a set of our principles. Right from the start of Movadex, we were following many unspoken ones, but it's time to publish them and let the world know what we're all about.

Respect for Others, Respect for Oneself

We are all individuals, do not belittle the freedoms and views of each other, respect the space in which we all work, colleagues’ opinions, and the right to a comfortable work process. And it is just as important to always remain aware of our actions affecting one another's comfort.

Team Connection is Creation

Each of us is a member of the team. We support the work of others and share responsibility for successes and failures. We do not withhold support or assistance from team members who ask for it, and we hold ourselves to standards that do not allow us to diminish the dignity of our colleagues or clients.

Lifelong Learning is Our Power

We appreciate your work and share responsibility for successes and failures. To stay afloat and grow, it is necessary to constantly share experience and learn as the technologies are evolving, and we must keep pace with them. Mentorship is an important part of the development of every team member, which is based on the desire to get better.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

We support the initiatives of all members of the team. Companies growth is the common goal of everyone, so each thought is important. Every idea has the right to life, especially if it appeals to everyone.

Work Can Be as Fun as Life

Work should be fun, and not just an 8 hour waster. We try to lessen the amount of everyday stress and get away from the routine.