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As of today, there are approximately 3.04 million apps (according to Statista) on the Google Store. Moreover, a single user accesses 30 apps per month and launches an app more than twice a day, according to FinancesOnline. These number should not be surprising at all, considering rapid technological and economic advancements that have occurred over the past few years. In fact, consumers have spent 3.5 trillion hours using their phones so far, and if this doesn’t go to show you how important having an app is nowadays business-wise, then nothing else will. Regardless of the industry you’re either already operating in or willing to enter, having an app is a must. It significantly contributes to the exposure of your brand, the product or service you’re offering, as well as boost your overall revenue. While you should pursue you prime interests, there are certain app ideas that are bound to be more successful than others, especially in the upcoming year which will highlight the major shifts in consumer spending patterns and reflect the consumer confidence. online banking

Best app ideas for 2023

Home security app

With rising criminal cases and concerns over safety, home security is a top priority for many people worldwide. Smart homes are becoming more popular, and combining the technology with a mobile app is undoubtedly a sound idea. Depending on users’ needs and wants, you can allow tracking security cameras, remotely locking the house or parts of it, control the lights, and connect with local police, fire, and medical services. A home security app is a direct solution to the problem that many people are facing or willing to avoid.

Augmented reality app

With the growing popularity of augmented reality, it’s no wonder that a corresponding app is relevant today. Augmented reality apps can be used for gaming, learning, marketing, and home decor. In general, AR technology can be applied to almost any industry and business.

Education app

Given the changes brought by recent societal and health events in the world, online courses have dominated the global learning community and, in many cases, replaced traditional education. Even though this market is quite saturated, there is still space left for new-comers and their innovative ways to making learning online a positive and highly beneficial experience.

Social networking app

It’s not like there is no enough social media apps out there already, but no one seems to have any strong negative sentiments towards new players in the industry. In fact, BeReal has recently been launched and quickly conquered the minds of people who can’t help but stay connected with their friends in new and fun ways. For this reason, launching a new social networking app is an excellent idea in 2023.

Gift delivery app

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, many people still love gifts, and what they also love is a well-functioning gift delivery app. The whole purpose of such an app is to offer a convenient way for users to select gifts from local stores and get them delivered to the recipient. There are so many occasions to give gifts and many more reasons to do so, which is why numerous people have a gift delivery app already and would be willing to download a newer better one. Gift delivery app Some other app ideas include:

  • mindfulness app - hospital app - cooking app - real estate app - charity donation app. Health app