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IT Recruitment

Best methods you need to know about

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It’s no surprise that there are many different recruitment methods that companies utilize to find top-notch staff. There is no one-size-fits-all method, and depending on the job requirements and needs of the company, the recruitment approach will differ to produce the best results, i.e. attract most qualified candidates. The type of organization, services, and department also play essential roles in determining what hiring tactic to use. Mastering IT recruitment in 2022 means having quick and effective solutions to look for best future employees. Let’s dive straight into top 6 methods.

An existing talent pool

Often times, if a candidate is rejected during an application process, his/her contact information is stored in a database in case a recruiter has a more suitable offer in the future. It should one of the first step in the recruitment strategy to thoroughly review the talent pool and see if there are candidates with relevant skills and experiences.


To advertise the open position directly, recruiters can use the company’s website, social media channels, and popular employment websites, e.x. Indeed and Glassdoor. Employer branding is a crucial element that businesses should focus on. The only disadvantage is that it can often be expensive. It’s also important to specifically target the audience you’re interested to ensure an inflow of the most qualified applicants. Advertising


This method focuses solely on the existing network of your employees. They are encouraged to recommend people they know for open jobs. It’s a quick and easy solution to recruiting endeavors. Another benefit is that the new employees hired this way will probably know something about the company already and feel more comfortable in their first few weeks.

An internship program

Making the internship program an option proves to be an incredible way to explore candidates’ experiences and soft skills before they become full-time employees. Recruitment managers can then hire highly qualified candidates who by then will be well aware of company processes, rules, and culture. Internship

A recruitment event

If the company is relatively big and wants to hire more staff, a recruitment event is a suitable solution. It can take a form of a campus job fair or an open day. Being well prepared for an event like this means having a value prop ready to clearly showcase why the company is an excellent employer.


It always helps to look at the current employees and whether or not some of them would be a good fit for a new position. Promoting these seasoned employees is a sound decision as long as they have sufficient skills needed for the job. Promotions Another option is transferring an employee to a particular department or region to fill the job opening.


There are many ways to go about recruitment in IT. Given a wide variety of outside resources and tactics that can be implemented internally, recruiters have the opportunity to hire the most coveted experts and ambitious interns in 2022.