Educational Apps

Educational Apps

Top tips and practices for creating one

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Educational Apps

The world we live in today is filled with digital solutions for a wide variety of needs. According to Rescue Time, people spend around 3 hours on their smartphones everyday on average, and a significant portion of those users prefer to learn with the help of mobile apps. edapps The growth of ed apps has gained momentum in the last couple of years. Most popular ones that we all know include the following:

  • Khan Academy - Duolingo - Google Classroom - Kahoot! - Quizlet. Because it’s so easy, accessible, and often thrilling, people love acquiring new skills through mobile apps, and they do it more often than you think. 2022 is the most excellent year for making a grand entrance into the ed tech field and contributing to the innovative solutions that are emerging at a fast pace. If you’re looking to create an ed app of your own, you’ll need to use a mix of useful practices that will guide you towards a successful launch and potential growth.

Tailor to different age groups

It’s not surprising that the way kids learn is different from the way adults do it. Moreover, adults in different age categories learn material differently. That’s why, it’s crucial to tailor to various age groups to make sure that the educational process is comfortable for all users.

Find inspo in existing ed apps

One of the most effective strategies when it comes to launching an app or even creating a business as a whole is to see how others do it. There’s nothing wrong about getting inspo from the leaders in the industry or small players and then following their approach in an authentic and adapted way.

Add interactive videos

An app is most likely to succeed if it has fun and interactive videos for users to watch. Simply doing long readings and memorizing material will make the process extremely boring and the learners will most likely look for alternative solutions. Frequently, apps have both readings and videos to watch which helps create a more dynamic approach to learning online. interactivevideos

Create fun and useful quizzes

Quizzes are essential elements of an educational app. They help generate leads and revenue which boosts the performance of your business. Common examples include having a quiz at the very beginning of the learning journey to determine the current skills and knowledge level, as well as the most suitable path going forward. Also, it’s important that you have quizzes as part of the learning process itself to help users track their progress and see where they have to put in more effort. quizzes

Make the learning dashboard look unique

The very first thing users see is a learning dashboard which is why it’s so important for it to look dynamic and unique. You can put the recent scores up there or show where the learner stands in terms of their progress. You can also show the milestones which will potentially motivate the user to keep learning and achieving!