Business-to-Business Lead Generation

Business-to-Business Lead Generation

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Business-to-Business Lead Generation

Lead generation is a way for you to attract new costumers to your business. In other words, no company in the world can survive without leads who ultimately bring purchase the product/services. In case of B2B business, the logic follows. Lead generation allows bringing in companies for whom you will become a trusted service or product provider.

What’s lead generation?

As depicted by Hubspot, lead generation is essentially the process of attracting new prospects to your company and increasing their interest through nurturing. The ultimate end goal of lead generation is convert the leads into loyal customers who will buy from your business long-term.

What’s a lead?

A lead, often referred to as a prospect, is a potential customer who expresses interest in your product or service. He or she is then, once again, nurtured with the sole purpose of becoming your company’s customers. According to Financeonline, out of all lead generation tactics, the most effectiveness was attributed to the following:

  • events — 68%; - webinars — 61%; - campaigns — 50%; - white papers — 50%; - case studies — 50%; - videos — 37%. Let’s dive into each strategy to better understand what makes all of them so effective. Lead generation

Best lead generation tactics


Event lead generation is a process that involves finding and attaining potential customers, i.e. prospects, through an event. Some popular examples of such events include conferences, summits, online, etc. Serving as a prime marketing tool, a quality event is a perfect opportunity to communicate your unique value proposition, showcase the product or services live, and spark the necessary level of interest in the audience that will possibly choose to further learn more about your company and its offerings. Events can be expensive, therefore, you need to understand your financial standing really well. It’s important to keep in mind that this B2B lead generation strategy, although expensive, tends to result in highly positive outcomes.


Similar to events, webinars are a great way to get your business out there and increase brand awareness. However, in this case, webinar is primarily used to educate the audience. Many online course platforms utilize this strategy by implementing often free webinars that deliver an outstanding value to participants who are then much more likely to become the company’s B2B customers in the long run.


There is a wide range of campaigns that fit the lead generation purposes of a company. It can be a marketing campaign or a social campaign that draws powerful attention from the public and, hence, brings more prospects to the business.

White papers

A white paper is a form of a crucial piece of content that your business must have. It is an informational document that promotes the features the product or services offered by your company. It is usually 2,500 to 5,000 words long and serves as a place for you to emphasize what makes your business unique and relevant. By making it available on your website, you are allowing new visitors to learn about your company in detail and develop an interest for it. B2B lead generation

Case studies

Case studies focus on research and provide real-life context for your solution. You can throw in valuable statistical data or primary research results to explain the external environment, consumer trends, or justify first-hand positive use of your product or services.


As one of the most popular form of content nowadays, videos are a visually appealing method to generate leads who are captivated by the story you are sharing. If a commercial is well-made and well-promoted, it can generate thousands, if not more, B2B leads who will make your business more successful.