Best Practices to Improve Branding

Best Practices to Improve Branding

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Best Practices to Improve Branding

MacBook isn’t just a laptop. Millions of millions buy MacBooks yearly for a reason. Apple, the company that launched the product in 2006, offered not only excellent features and functions, but also a unique experience and story. The colors, shape, logos, associations, feelings, and features make the brand, and the brand itself is what draws so many people to become part of the unique experience it creates. In 2022, the most valuable brands on an international scale include the following:

  • Apple - Google - Amazon - Microsoft - Tencent - McDonald’s - Visa - Facebook - Alibaba - Louis Vuitton. Your company can join the ranks of top brands too.

What is a brand?

A brand is how a company or product is perceived by those who experience it. An individual can also have a brand. According to Frontify, customers who had a “very good experience” with a brand are 94% more likely to purchase again. That’s why, it’s advantageous to know how to solidify your branding strategy with the help of 5 practices. brand

1. Choose your target audience

Just like in any marketing strategy, the first step has to do with understanding who you want to appeal to the most. The target audience depicts the pool of potential customers who will follow you, your product or company and purchase in the future.

2. Define your mission statement

Each brand needs to have a purpose, or mission in other words. Perhaps, your company’s mission is to transform the SaaS field or your product is supposed to make people’s daily lives easier. The key aspiration has to be mentioned in the mission statement and then shared with the target audience. mission

3. Clarify your competitive advantage

The next important step is communicating straightforwardly your competitive advantage or why should customers choose you over your competitors. With so many brands out there, it’s hard to beat the competition. Therefore, you should make a clear distinction from the masses early on and show it to the customers.

4. Get creative with designs

Visually appealing packaging, website, or social media feed often serve as biggest reasons for why people buy. You can always enhance the design strategy as you go, but from the very beginning, it’s crucial to go for catchy colors and patterns that will make your brand memorable.

5. Tell a story

People love new experiences. They enjoy being a part of a story. Your brand has to have a story as well. Many cupcake store owners talk about their memories from childhood when they would make delicious cupcakes with their family. Then customers feel like they can join the tradition and become parts of something valuable. You should tell a story that will catch people’s attention. storytelling